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In order to fulfill its mission, SOAR leaders know that it is not enough to find a place for a student in a quality school. We need to walk with the student through his or her school years, coaching, encouraging and offering homework assistance.

Students enrolled in SOAR receive group homework assistance after school, in a participating school or in one of our sessions at the Racine Public Library. SOAR confers with teachers and school staff about student progress. Each quarter, the students and parents meet with SOAR to discuss successes and challenges.

In addition to group homework help, SOAR students are matched with a volunteer mentor from the community if one is available.

Mentors meet with their students in school one day a week after school. Some mentors also meet students at the Racine Public Library. Sessions are typically an hour to 90 minutes. Mentors help with homework, assist the student in setting quarterly goals and offer general encouragement and support.

SOAR is a certified mentor program recognized by Mentor Kenosha Racine at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. We welcome mentors and encourage people to apply to become a mentor. A criminal background check is conducted on all volunteers and mentors undergo an orientation and training.

Where are SOAR Education Enrichment Centers?
SOAR currently operates five Education Enrichment Centers. All centers operate when school is in session. To inquire about a center at your school, please contact SOAR.

John Paul II Academy – Group homework and mentoring help four days per week. St. Joseph’s Catholic School – Group homework and mentoring help two days per week. Trinity Lutheran School – Group homework help two days per week. Racine Public Library – High School homework and mentoring Wednesdays, 6-8:30 p.m. Racine Public Library – Mentoring 11 a.m. to noon, Saturdays.

How to be a Mentor SOAR is always looking for volunteer mentors. Students join our program year-round, so our need for mentors grows throughout the year. We prefer that once mentors begin they make a commitment to stay with the student through the remainder of the school year. Many of our mentors discover they enjoy the program so much and become so dedicated to their student that they continue as the student progresses from year to year.

SOAR is recruiting mentors now for the 2012-13 school year. Mentoring occurs when school is in session.

Who is a mentor?

Someone who … likes children; is willing to learn more about what it is like to be a child growing up with limited financial resources in today’s world; is eager to learn about new cultures and ethnic heritage; has basic academic skills.

How do you get involved?

Call SOAR at (262) 498-9425 or email at: to meet with the director, learn about the program and apply.

How do I enroll my student?

SOAR is eager to assist any academically struggling student. Students may be attending any of the partner schools where SOAR Education Enrichment Centers exist. For students who attend other schools, we look for creative ways to bring the same kind of help to those students through our Library site or other options. SOAR students make a commitment to …

Attend group homework and mentoring sessions weekly; Demonstrate good school behavior; Notify their teachers and parents when they are having difficulties; Participate in at least one extra-curricular activity during the year; Attend the end-of-the-year gratitude party for SOAR volunteers. SOAR parents make a commitment to …

Ensure their student attends homework and mentoring sessions; Meet with SOAR every grading period; Alert SOAR to any difficulties, questions or concerns about the student and /or school; Give SOAR access to all academic records of the student and permission to discuss progress and challenges with teachers and school staff; Attend the end-of-the-year gratitude party for SOAR volunteers. To apply, call SOAR at (262) 498-9425 or email at: to make an appointment.